Carsten L. Willersted

Carsten is 50 years old, married and has been living in Kenya for the last 7 years. He is responsible for overall management of Periamma’s work in Kenya, including project coordination and budgeting.

Together with our local partners, Carsten aims to improve the educational conditions of the children and youth who attend our partner schools in Baringo County. Since 2017 he has been responsible for various Danida-supported projects, including an election project, where the purpose was to ensure that young people participated peacefully in the national elections in 2017. For the past 5 years, Carsten has worked on the project Breaking the Silence about Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, where the purpose is to give young people increased control and self-determination over their own lives.

Carsten is passionate about making a noticeable difference for the children and the youth in Kenya, who are capable of so much, but who have so little. He has dedicated his life to improve their lives and educational opportunities so that they themselves can change their lives and one day can change their country.

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